Duration of Warranty:
Each Oximeter Plus, Inc. fingertip oximeter unit has a warranty period of 12 months. 

Handheld units, sensors and other products are covered under a one year warranty. 
The warranty period for the products start from the date of purchase. The period shall not be extended or restarted for any reason. If Oximeter Plus, Inc. authorizes a repair or replacement of any unit or component, the remainder of the warranty period remains from the date of original invoice.

The Warranty does not cover:
  • Preventive maintenance.  Installation or removal of accessory retrofits, peripheral equipment or computer systems of which the Product may be a part.
  • Damage through tampering, improper use, negligence, misuse, abuse, or accident.
  • Any costs in shipping the product to Oximeter Plus, Inc.
  • Any cosmetic damage to the system caused by accident or customer abuse.
  • The warranty does not cover lost or stolen products.
  • The warranty does not cover products with expired warranties.
  • Units modified or repaired by anyone, except for Oximeter Plus, Inc. technicians, is not covered.

The Warranty is void if:
  • The serial number sticker on the oximeter or sensor is missing, defaced, or modified in any manner. Unauthorized disassembly or removal of any pre-installed hardware components from the product.
  • Damage or improper operation of the product caused by customer abuse, negligence, or failure to follow operating instructions provided with the product.  
  • Physical damage or damages resulting from modification in hardware or performance, improper maintenance, accidents, acts of God, unauthorized servicing, or usage in any unsuitable or abnormal operating environment.
Oximeter Plus, Inc believes in providing excellent customer service. All warranty cases are reviewed individually. We always assist our customers to achieve customer satisfaction.  If you have any questions regarding the oximeter warranty, please call (800) 550-3484.   We are happy to work with you to fix or replace your oximeter. We stand behind our product.


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All Medical Oximeters Are FDA 510K Listed And Are Regulated Devices. For Medical Use Only, RX Required.
All Sport Oximeters Are For Sports And Aviation Use Only. Not For Medical Use.