What is a pulse oximeter?

A pulse oximeter is a non invasive device that measures the oxygen saturation of a person's blood as well as the pulse rate. 

How does a pulse oximeter work?

A fingertip pulse oximeter has 2 sides that attach to your finger.  One side of the device painlessly shines 2 beams of light of different wavelengths--a red beam and an invisible infrared beam--through your finger.  The other side of the oximeter has a receiver that detects these beams of light.  Oxygenated and deoxygenated blood cells absorb these lights at different rates.  The infrared light is absorbed more readily by hemoglobin that contains a high level of oxygen, while the red light is allowed to pass through.  The red light, however, is absorbed more readily by hemoglobin that contains little oxygen, while the infrared light is allowed to pass through. The change in the reception of the 2 beams of light is used to calculate both the oxygen saturation level of your blood and your pulse rate.

When your finger is insterted into Oximeter, your nail surface must face upward

What can I do to get a more accurate reading?

There are a few things you can do to get a more accurate reading:

      1. Stay still.  Movement can affect your reading adversely.
      2. Make sure your hands are warm.  If your hands are cold, you may not have an adequate circulation, which can affect your reading.
      3. Keep your hands dry, since excessive amounts of lotion or water can affect your oximeter reading.
      4. Wait 8 seconds after turning on the oximeter for the oximeter to obtain an accurate reading.
      5. Keep your oximeter away from high frequency electrosurgical interference and defibrillators.

Fingernail polish and acrylic nails will cause inaccurate readings.  Remove any obstruction to your natural nail for an accurate reading.

My oximeter is new.  Why is my oximeter not turning on?

Getting your oximeter started for the first time requires installing the batteries.  Please make sure you are using new batteries.  The batteries must be facing opposite directions for it to work. 
Please see diagram below

I was able to get my batteries in, but the battery door won’t stay closed. 

How can I fix this?

Sometimes when closing the battery compartment, the door gets damaged.  There are two small plastic pieces, one at each end of the door, that hook the oximeter case and keep the compartment closed tight.  If one of these pieces should break, please call customer service at Oximeter Plus, Inc. obtain a replacement.  Our customer service number is (800) 550-3484.

What does this mean?

Getting to know your oximeter is important. 
Please see the diagrams below, which explain the features of your oximeter:

What preventative maintenance is required?
  • Replace the batteries when the low battery indicator is on.
  • Clean the surface of the oximeter before it is used in diagnosis.
  • Remove batteries if oximeter is not in operation for a long period of time.
  • Keep oximeter away from extreme heat and cold, as well as humidity.
How do I clean my oximeter?

Please use a soft cloth dampened with 70% isopropyl alcohol or medical alcohol to clean the rubber touching the finger inside of the oximeter.  Do not pour or spray and liquids onto the oximeter, and do not allow any liquid to enter any openings in the device. Allow the oximeter to dry thoroughly before reusing.

My oximeter is reading an error message or “ERR”.  What does this mean?

This means there is a problem with your oximeter.  Please contact customer service at Oximeter Plus, Inc, at (800) 550-3484 to obtain a solution or warranty information.

How do I register my oximeter for the warranty?

You do not need to register your oximeter.  For a warranty claim, you only need your original invoice from the company you purchased it from, stating the date of sale, the unit or model number, and the unit serial number.

For more information on our warranty, please Click Here


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